Recreating the Apollo 11 Flight Plan

There’ve been reprintings of the Apollo 11 Flight Plan in the past, but they are always either cleaned up low quality scans or chock full of errors. Mankind’s greatest engineering achievement deserves better. That’s why I’m rebuilding it from the ground up to appear exactly as it would have when printed in 1969.

Since there was no official binder produced by NASA, I’m creating a new one. Here’s a look at the current best design. I’d love to hear what you think in the comments section.

The current plan is to do a Kickstarter that will ship by July 20, 2022. If this one goes well, I plan on moving on to Skylab, Gemini, Mercury and more Apollo flights.

Every drawing is being redrawn by an expert designer. All typesetting is being redone from scratch. All changes will go through at least 2 proofreaders. Lest you think this is vaporware, reproduction of the actual document is already in progress. Check it out:

Current expected shipping date is July 20, 2022, but I’m confident I can get it out before then.

I’ll be posting updates in this thread, so be sure to create an account and hit the ‘watch’ button.