Apollo 11 Mission Report Original Photos

Because I like to make impossible tasks for myself, I’ve decided to track down all of the original photos from the Apollo 11 Mission Report. Why would someone do such a thing? Reason 1 is that the Apollo 11 Mission Reports are really interesting, though publicly available sources are of crappy quality. The second reason is because no one seems to have done it before. Let’s just do it and be legends.

There are 2 Apollo 11 mission reports out there. The first is Apollo 11 Mission Report (MSC-00171) from 1969. My primary source is the Apollo 11 Mission Report, 1971 Edition (NASA SP-238) prepared by the Mission Evaluation Team at the NASA Manned Spacecraft Center. It is later, but the scanned source is of much better quality

As with many things Apollo 11, my jumping off point is the Apollo 11 Lunar Surface Journal. I’ve located quite a few images through them. A Redditor also pointed me to U.S. National Archives & DVIDS where I found quite a few more.

However, as you can see from the table below, I’m far from done.

Page Caption Found
14 Commander Neil A. Armstrong … Yes
41 Figure 5-7. - Enlarged map of lunar landing area Yes
42-43 Figure 5-8. - Area photograph of landing-site ellipse showing ground track. Close
44-45 Figure 5-9. - Terrain indicated by landing radar. No
46-47 Figure 5-10. - Basic lunar reference map. No
53 Figure 5-14. - Command module sighting history during lunar stay Yes
77 Figure 7-2. Lunar ground track for revolutions 1 and 30 No
78 Figure 7-2. Concluded No
132 Figure 11-2. - Lunar sample and relative position on lunar surface No
134 Figure 11-3. - Surface characteristics around footprints. Close
135 Figure 11-4.- Footprint in surface material Yes
136-137 Figure 11-5. - Panoramic views. (a) Yes
136-137 Figure 11-5. - Panoramic views. (b) Yes
136-137 Figure 11-5. - Panoramic views. (c) Yes
141 Figure 11-6. - Detailed view of lunar rock. No
141 Figure 11-8.- Location of two contingency sample scoops No
141 Figure 11-9.- Rocks collected during first contingency sample scoop No
141 Figure 11-10.- Rocks collected during second contingency sample scoop No
142 Figure 11-11.- Photograph taken before extravehicular activity, showing rocks collected (fig. 11-9) No
142 Figure 11-12.- Photograph of area shown in figure 11-11 after extravehicular activity No
143 Figure 11-13. - Photograph of area shown in figures 11-11 and 11-12, taken during extravehicular activity. No
145 Figure 11-14.- Lunar surface under descent stage engine. Yes
145 Figure 11-15.- Interaction of the plus Y footpad and contact probe with lunar surface Yes
145 Figure 11-16.- Interaction of the minus Z footpad with lunar surface Yes
145 Figure 11-17.- Interaction of the minus Y footpad and contact probe with lunar surface Yes
146 Figure 11-18.- Soil disturbance in the minus Y footpad area. Yes
154 Figure 11-26.- Laser ranging retroreflector deployed. Close
155 Figure 11-27.- Solar wind composition experiement deployed Close
214 Figure B-3.- Laser reflector experiment deployed Close

For those with Found set to Close, I’ve found images that are very similar but not exactly the same.

If you’ve got any insight into where the missing images can be found, or you have some and want to contribute, please post a comment. I’ll be eternally grateful.


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